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Trauma Yoga Members' Workshop

Bree Bootsman

Jun 9      1 pm to 3 pm

For Survivors of Trauma, Addiction and Mental Health & Vicarious Trauma

This workshop will include psycho-education followed by an equally divided practice of trauma-informed gentle yoga practice and a yoga nidra practice. Gentle movement will create the space to release physical tension, while our nidra practice will help guide you through the layers of your subconscious, gently helping to release samskaras (emotional trauma).


Come as you are, no experience necessary.


Free for members, $50/non-members (includes 2 weeks unlimited membership!)

Coming into Stillness

Karen Smith

Jun 10      1 pm to 5:30 pm

Join Sahej Kaur (Karen Smith) for an afternoon of Kundalini yoga meditation, Kriya (yoga sequence), contemplative writing/drawing and crystal bowls.
This gathering will be a time to support the body, quiet the mind and become clear on the habits we have formed that push us into a direction of disconnection to ourselves.
Relax into the stillness of the mind where space has been created to listen and feel into the brilliance of who you are.

This workshop is the first of a series of three that will take us on a journey to

  • relax and rejuvenate,
  • connect and strengthen our sense of who we are,
  • create a vision for ourselves to focus on as we move forward with new strength and purpose.
Workshop Series
  1. Coming into Stillness - June 10th: 1-5:30pm
  2. Setting Your Center- July 14th: 1-5:30pm
  3. Creating a Vision for the Future - Sept 8th: 1-5:30pm

Cost: $60, 3 for $150 (plus tax)

Restorative Yoga with Hot Stones

Dawn Petrin

Jun 23      1 pm to 3 pm

Release deep-seated tension, clear the mind, and encourage the nervous system into balance with Restorative yoga.

Restorative yoga is a gentle practice comprised of long-held supported poses, calming and rejuvenating breath work, and guided meditation. Hot Stones aid in relaxation and healing, while adding a luxurious touch to the practice.

Everyone can benefit from this therapeutic practice, from mothers in need of quiet time to high-energy athletes. Restorative yoga leads to a much deeper state of relaxation than traditional sleep and will promote joyful awakenings.

$40/Person, $70/Two People

In order to offer tailored assistance, this unique session will be limited to 12 participants. Register early to secure your space.

To receive the two person registration price, simply register the first person and a discount code will be sent to you via confirmation email for $10 off of your second registration!

All levels welcome.

Master Your Master Glands

Myrah Penaloza

Jun 25      7 pm to 9 pm

Be the master of your master glands. Take control of your day to day, reset your hormones, overcome your emotions and own your personal health journey in 2018.
Thyroid problems affects an estimated 35 million North Americans, and nearly 90% are women. The most recent stats say that one in eight women can expect to develop hypothyroidism in her lifetime. Not only are 1 in 8 women potentially affected, but so are teens and young girls – and at alarmingly increasing rates.
Learn from personal stories and experiences from Myrah’s own post partum health journey and what she has done to heal herself naturally using the art of kundalini yoga.
Myrah followed her heart and recently moved to Edmonton from Los Angeles, California. She has been sharing her love and passion for human potential as a yoga instructor and coach for the past 13 years in Los Angeles and now Edmonton.

She began her journey with the Kundalini yoga teacher training in Hollywood with Gurmukh in 2003 and then moving on to the Yoga Works teacher training in 2005 and 2009 in Santa Monica. Myrah has completed over 1000 hours of yoga alliance certified teacher training.

Dedicating her life and practice to constantly learn and explore all life accelerating workshops and trainings so she can deepen her gifts to share with the world. Her intention is to share life transformational tools to inspire and ignite your life. Myrah is a clothing designer for her own label and co-founder of Bloom Festival.

"What’s at the heart of everything I do is an intention to empower women, every single day of my life. “ - Myrah

Website: / IG: @myrahpenaloza / @kundalinigown

Journey into Yogi Entrepreneur School

Robindra Mohar

Jun 26      7 pm to 9 pm

Having a Spiritual practice without serving more and more people everyday does not cut it any more, learn how to move from ME to WE, it’s time to get over your self and get on with living a more powerful expression of yourself, learn about true abundance and how to access it for self in this highly interactive and do the workshop project.

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