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Change your story, change your life.

Keli Carpenter

Aug 24      3 pm to 7 pm

Saturday, August 24
3 - 7pm
$45 +tax
Restore grace and ease when you discover the number one skill to turn your projections, blame and judgement into your biggest attainments. When you know how to use them, all challenges become doorways to richer understanding, awakening and growth. The problem is the human condition is to get lost in the painful situations and become stuck in a loop of struggle, trying to redefine who we are and why it's happening.

We understand our outer world is a reflection of our inner wold but unless the challenges are small, or we have the necessary tools and support, it can be difficult to turn towards, understand and embrace that which we most judge, resist and feel trapped in.

All answers are created the moment the problem comes into existence. Join us to learn how to reframe your story, restore clarity and reclaim truth.

<3 Change your story, change your life.<3

In this workshop you will learn a simple, yet profound, tool to extract deeper understanding and truth within any life obstacle you face or have faced. We don't need years of counseling in order to let our past go - we just need to take some time in the now, master the right tools and be willing to inquire into truth. The events we face are intended to create an opportunity for us to remember who we really are, remember our purpose and to thrive instead of just survive. We aren't meant to carrying past events around for years, having them use us.

Forgiveness and projections are the two hardest spiritual principles and personal growth strategies to grasp until you grasp them; once you do, your life will never be the same.

Expect to leave this transformative workshop and breathwork session:

-Empowered with the ability to transform any obstacle you face and come out the other side knowing a deeper level of truth about you and the situation.
Being able to join in relationship even when you think you aren't on the same page.

-Equipped with tools that bring new levels of clarity and grace whenever you feel stuck or trapped.
Feeling greater freedom from your old, worn out stories and reactive patterns.
Feeling truly empowered and alive in ways you never thought possible.

What you need to know/bring:

Bring your honesty and deep desire for transformation.
Bring a journal as we will be doing some writing.
We will be integrating and closing with a conscious, connected, breathwork session.
Bring layers or a blanket for the breathwork
Don't forget your water bottle.

Consciousness and Ca$h - The Money Talk

Lori Mairs

Aug 26      7 pm to 9 pm

Consciousness and Ca$h the Money Talk
with Lori Mairs

Monday Aug, 26
7 - 9pm
$50 +tax

Oh money! You started as a small coin purse with shiny pennies and dimes, enough to buy an ice cream and a movie. Now? Now you're on line banking and automated tax returns – where did it all go sideways?

We're going to play with money concepts the kind that keep us stuck and the kind that move us into a gentle flow or a riotous boogie ~ whatever needs to happen to lean us into the next edge. I'll help you unpack the how and why you've landed where you are, we'll look at how the ideas of giving and receiving play a vital role in our misunderstandings and where loyalties and language keep us tripped up and anchored to traps. Finally, I'll give you some logic to reflect on and a few tools to move forward with. There will be homework.

Lori Mairs
I am a Consciousness Teacher. I do this work because we live on a dying planet and we need people to be awake and clear so they too can be in service to their families, their communities and the world. I teach the mechanics of the thought system, the mechanics of the emotional system and how, as these two systems collaborate or collide, a result will appear that reflects their joining. The teacher/student, student/teacher relationship is part logical, part emotional, part spiritual, part practical and at all times intentional.

Lori is an Integrated Breath Practitioner and a Personal Growth Consultant. She holds a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from UBC Okanagan


Tiffany Anderson & Marissa Young

Aug 31      7 pm to 9 pm

Saturday, August 31
7 - 9pm 
with Tiff + Marissa
It’s time again! Join Tiffany Gagnon + Marissa Young in their returning workshop Nurture. This experience is one of self inquiry + loving up through guided journaling, meditation, restorative yin yoga, + the energetic healing of reiki. Hands on + hearts open, this is an evening of lasting ritual + effect.
Hope to see you again, or for the first time!

Tantra Spirit Nights - Loves' Embrace

Stephanie Lafazanos

Sep 7      7 pm to 9 pm

Saturday, September 7
7 -9pm
$35 +tax

Tantra Spirit Night:
Love's Embrace


In Love's Embrace you are invited to experience this Divine energy within yourself and see it in your partner. (You do not need to come with a partner!) Take off your mask and reveal the truth of who you are as you look past the personality and into the soul. The evening will begin with intentional space creation, exercises of purification and opening up to loving presence and universal consciousness. From this space, we will explore the parts of us that are mutable, wanting and ready to change, and gently opening the door for transformation.


Intention setting within a sacred space allows each person to be supported by the group energy as it moves into higher aspects of love, intimacy and awakening of Shakti, our life force energy. It is a celebration of our sexual-spiritual nature which is deeply healing for any blocks we may have around sex, love, intimacy or connection.


There will be no nudity or explicit sexual conduct. Your boundaries and feeling of safety is important to us all. We will guide you in exercises to determine your level of comfort with contact during the evening. We ask that everyone takes responsibility for their own experience.


Please bring: a water bottle, a yoga mat and a cushion to sit on and flowers or chocolate as an offering.


Please prepare: Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to get settled. NO drug or alcohol consumption before or during the Puja. Please come bathed and dressed in comfortable attire that makes you feel happy and/or sexy and please take it easy on the strong scents.


Stephanie Lafazanos
Certified Medical Intuitive, Holistic Practitioner, Sacred Feminine Tao Tantra / Qigong Instructor & Somatic Practitioner.

Stephanie Lafazanos is a Modern Mystic forging a path on the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. She helps present day men and women, learn how to harness their rising feminine powers for inner and outer, masculine and feminine balance. Skilled as a medical intuitive, body worker, energy medicine practitioner, a sacred feminine Tao tantra and Qigong teacher, relationship and intimacy coach and somatic practitioner, Stephanie helps others reach for sexual and spiritual wholeness.

She helps liberate trauma and transforms blockages (mental, emotional, physical) into energy flow for health! Change old beliefs, balance emotions, become aware of the root causes of physical issues, get deep psycho-sexual self-nurturing, cultivate compassion and awareness that bring about the best version of YOU!

For more information about Stephanie visit:

BHK, Certified Medical Intuitive, Holistic Practitioner and Tao Tantra/Qigong Instructor

Awakening Primordial Energy with Quigong + Acupuncture

Falko Kriel

Sep 8      6 pm to 8 pm

Awakening Primordial Energy with Qigong and Acupuncture

Sunday, September 8

6 - 8pm

$45 +tax

In this 2 hour workshop we will explore the Conception and Governing meridians through education, meditation, qi gong, and for those interested gentle acupuncture. These meridians are our reservoirs of primordial energy that we draw on to keep us nourished and energized. Also known as the Sea of Yin and Sea of Yang, they can regulate balance within the body in profound ways and facilitate healing as well as personal growth.

Falko Kriel, R.TCMP is a Traditional Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist in Kelowna at Landmark Wellness. He also owns and teaches Chinese arts through Tiger Claw Kung Fu and Tai Chi. His passion is helping others break through barriers that are limiting them in their personal lives, and to empower others to discover their full potential through martial and healing arts.

Awakening Kundalini Shakti with Sattva Yoga

Andrew Misle

Sep 10 - Sep 11      6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

September 10
630 - 830 pm
$30 +tax

Sattva Yoga
Awakening Kundalini Shakti
with Hatha and Raja practices

Since its Tantric origins, Hatha and Raja yoga have beeen in complete reverence with the Kundalini Shakti and the states of consciousness she reveals. Hatha and Raja practices establish an inner consecration using geometric body shapes, breathing rituals and mental disciplines designed to surrender to her awakening

This will be and immersion into the relationship between postures, the energetic anatomy, sound, concentration bandhas and breath rituals, and the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti through the lens of Sattva Yoga. Join Andrew Misle for a powerful practice to stimulate a blissful and visceral experience of non duality.


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