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From Anxiety to Calm Confidence

Dana Skoglund

Dec 6      6 pm to 7 pm

From Anxiety to Calm Confidence

How to Reduce Everyday Anxiety and Stress

Friday, December 6th 6 - 7pm


Space is Limited, pre-registration appreciated.

Join Dana Skoglund, Ayurvedic lifestyle coach (previously named "the most stressed out yoga teacher in the world" by her husband), for a free one hour talk on simple strategies for reducing everyday anxiety and stress. Learn how to free yourself from anxiety taking over your life using the time-tested wisdom of yoga + Ayurveda.


Tantra Spirit Nights - Touch

Stephanie Lafazanos

Dec 15      5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Tantra Spirit Night - Touch

Sunday December 15
530 - 730pm
$35 +tax

Space is limited and pre-registration is required.
**see note below**

Humans cannot survive without touch. As an important language of intimacy and connection we will explore the conscious side of touching. We will begin by identifying the meaning we give to touch. We will provide experiential practices for; consent and boundaries, giving and receiving vs taking and allowing touch, touch for the sake of touch - without a goal and explore many different types of touch. This evening will be open to couples and singles who want to discover more intimacy skills through physical closeness. There will be no nudity.

**Please bring a friend you want to partner with. We will make a list of singles if you want to join but we can only take an even number so you will not be guaranteed spot.

You will be asked to take full responsibility for setting and voicing your own boundaries and the guidance will help you to do that.

Please prepare: Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to get settled. NO drug or alcohol consumption before or during the Puja. Please come bathed and dressed in comfortable attire that makes you feel happy and / or sexy and please take it easy on the strong scents.

Stephanie Lafazanos is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Holistic Practitioner, Sacred Feminine Tao Tantra / Qigong Instructor & Somatic Practitioner. She is a Modern Mystic forging a path on the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Offering present day men and women tools to learn to harness their rising feminine for inner, outer, masculine and feminine balance. She is a skilled medical intuitive, body worker and energy medicine practitioner. Also a sacred feminine Tao tantra and Qigong teacher, relationship and intimacy coach and somatic practitioner, she guides others towards sexual and spiritual wholeness.

She helps liberate trauma and transforms blockages (mental, emotional, physical) into energy flow for health! Change old beliefs, balance emotions, become aware of the root causes of physical issues, get deep psycho-sexual self-nurturing, cultivate compassion and awareness that bring about the best version of YOU!



Kelly Day Drew Hertz

Dec 18      7:30 pm to 9 pm


Wednesday, December 18th


$40 + tax or
$35 +tax for members
(Contact the studio)

Space is limited to 15 particpants. Pre-registration is appreciated.

Feelosophy - a small, intimate, restorative yoga class with safe, supportive hands-on touch to help you become more connected to your body and to create a space for communities to gather and talk about touch.

Here to help keep you grounded during the busy holiday season, Drew Hertz and Kelly Day will lead you through a 90-minute chill yoga practice mixed with relaxing, massage-based adjustments. Each class uses introspective questions and music to set an intention, offering you space and permission to slow down and feel.

Expect good tunes, deep conversation, and all the touch you crave.

Everybody deserves the room to unwind, our intention with this series is accessibility.


Solstice Drum Journey

Julianna Lavell Naomi Danialle

Dec 21      7 pm to 9:30 pm

Solstice Drum Journey
Saturday December 21st
7:00pm- 9:00pm
Space is limited. Pre registration is appreciated.
You will be guided through a powerful and traditional journey via the rhythm and medicine of the drum.

In this meditative experience you will enter a state of mindful rest with the intention to connect with your spirit animal, guide or ancestries.

Followed by an Oracle reading with Naomi Danialle, Psychic Intuitive & Juliana Lavell, Into the Mystic Yoga.

Naomi works with higher consciousness and her highest self to channel loving messages from Spirit. She's uses tarot cards, oracle cards and her crystal clear intuition to offer insight & inspire direction.

Juliana is Director at Into the Mystic Yoga Teacher Training, an Intuitive tarot reader and mentor. She has worked intimately with indigenous elders and teachers in BC & Alberta, and was gifted a moose hide drum to share the tradition.


Cost: $40 +tax


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