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Tantra 101

Heidi Loeppky

Sep 21      10 am to 4:30 pm

Tantra 101
Saturday, September 21
10am - 5pm
$175 +tax

Heidi Loeppky, the founder of Shamaya Tantra and co-creator of the Canadian Tantra festival is visiting us from Edmonton to share some of her incredible teachings! Join us for a full day of learning the foundational practices of Tantra!

Tantra is the study of how to use the body, senses, feelings and energy to finally take life by the reins and live FULLY.

This 6 hour introduction to Tantra is a potent combination of theory and experience and provides the foundation for those wishing to take this practice further.

We cover the foundational principles of tantra including powerful practices to allow you to feel energy in your body, attract fulfilling relationships and find deeper intimacy.

Save your spot, Space is limited.


Topics covered will include:

• Brief intro to the spectrum of Tantra
• Tantric philosophy in today's terms
• Self-Sovereignty
• Energy & Chakras
• Igniting personal magnetism
• Secrets to receiving love
• Harnessing the Power of Polarity
• Tantric Breath Work
• Orgasms and Tantric Sex (theory only!)

This course is designed for individuals to begin a Tantric practice.

In some exercises you will have the opportunity to be paired up with another participant.


TIME: Doors will open at 9:30am. The event will begin at 10am and will complete at 4:30pm



* $175 +tax



Heidi is a Tantra facilitator, coach and organizer of the Canadian Tantra Festival. Her clients include corporate VP's, energy healers, IT professionals and individuals and couples who've made the decision to live an intentional, satisfying life.

She's spoken to audiences in Canada, the US, and Asia in settings all the way from boardroom to beachside.

As a former Chartered Professional Accountant, she offers a rare blend of practicality, groundedness and deeply rooted spirituality. Her work integrate elements of Hatha Yoga, Classical Indian Tantra, Taoist Tantra, Neo-Tantra, Osho style body awareness practices, energy work, relationship coaching and Shadow Work™.

She began a yoga practice at the age of 18 and first heard the whispers of a Tantric calling years before discovering a language for it. Following her formal introduction to Tantric sadhana in 2012, her life has been primarily dedicated to the discovery of the inner self and raising of consciousness. This initially took the form of a 3 year sabbatical in Asia, where she immersed herself in a range of schools, teachers, wisdom traditions, and ashrams to glean a wide and unifying perspective on Tantra. Heidi's teachings reflect the uprising of Tantra as a spiritual path for modern times, presenting a very grounded form of Tantra that is easily integrated into everyday life.

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