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Ganesha's Twisted Trunk

Dana Skoglund

Jan 26      2:30 pm to 4 pm

Flow through a creative sequence of binds, twists and turns with stories of our favorite elephant god weaved in in this Master Class with Dana.
Open your shoulders, awaken your spine and realign!
Dana Skoglund has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years. She is passionate about alignment and functional movement. Her classes will make you laugh and remind you how strong you already are.
10% off for Tandava Members.

Pleasure IS the “Sign”! - Members' Workshop for Women

Tamara Rae Logan

Feb 2      2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Intimacy & Connection for Women.

Release. Redefine. Reconnect.

Have you been looking for a Sign? The one that tells you EXACTLY where you need to be?
Do you wish you had an oracle?

What if i told you it is within you, and even at your fingertips?

We will explore your understanding of pleasure beyond the confines of what, “Social Media Deems Appropriate”.

We will clear space around your own definition of pleasure, and create new pathways to begin to align your pleasure with your highest consciousness, and greatest good.

We will discuss 3 keys to magnificent pleasure, and play with movement, breath and focus.

You will receive 2 practices and a meditation to connect you more deeply and delightfully into your own magic. 

Use your pleasure to tap into your own oracle of YES and NO.

Saturday, Feb 2, 2:30-3:30pm

Free for members

$50/person (includes one month of membership!)


Men's Gathering: A Members' Workshop for Men

Tyler De Freitas

Feb 2      2:30 pm to 4 pm

It is time for men to come together in support and practice.
This members' workshop is a chance for you to be empowered through vulnerability, support, and a greater understanding of trusting yourself and your unique gifts. 
Expect yoga, meditation, conversation and nurturing support. Come as you are. 

Saturday, February 2, 2:30-4pm

Free for members

$50/person (includes 1 month of unlimited yoga membership)

Yin Yoga & Acupuncture

Dawn Petrin & Chris Russel Petrin & Russel

Feb 23      3 pm to 5 pm

Enjoy deep rejuvenation, relaxation and self-care with an afternoon of restorative yin yoga followed by a calming & harmonizing community acupuncture treatment in Savasana.

After a yin yoga session, our minds & bodies are calm & ready to facilitate deeper healing with the complimentary therapy of acupuncture. Sharing space for communal healing truly provides a profound healing experience - Stretch together, breathe together, rest together & heal together.

Additionally, If you have a medical insurance plan covering acupuncture, you can claim this evening under your extended benefits - a great opportunity to use these benefits towards selfcare!

Yoga Instructor:
Dawn Petrin
@dawn_petrin • @tandavayoga

Chris Russell RAc., BSc.
ig: @cjracupuncture

• Stress Relief
• Relaxation
• Improved Sleep
• Improved mindfulness & clarity

Registration: $50

How to register:

Register with Tandava Yoga at or in person. OR
Phone Chris @ 236-420-1711 to register by prepaying by credit card or e-transfer $50 to along with your name and telephone number - receipts will be emailed to the email address provided.

Prepayment will be required through CJR Acupuncture or Tandava before the event to secure your spot and provide the correct consent forms and receipts to clients.

Please feel free to message with any questions you may have about this collaborative offering at Tandava Yoga.

We are so excited to offer a fusion of two sincerely holistic healing therapies in the heart of Kelowna! Space is limited so register your spot online to participate, embrace your inner yogi/yogini & get your acubliss on! ‍

Crystals+Chakras: A Members' Workshop

Julia Erb

Mar 3      1:30 pm to 3 pm

Discover the healing power of Crystals and Chakras in this Members' Workshop with Julia!
In this fun and unique workshop, you will learn about the 7 Chakras (energy centers in the body), and how you can use yoga and crystals to work with them.
Julia will guide you through a series of postures designed to help clear and activate each chakra, bringing the body into a more balanced and harmonious state. Expect gentle movement, pranayam and meditation.
Free for Unlimited Members
$50/person (Includes 1 Month of Unlimited Membership)

The Breath Empowerment & Sound Healing Journey with Matthew Kocel

Matthew Kocel

Mar 5      7 pm to 9 pm

"Over 22 Years experience in Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing & Internal Martial Arts and I've never felt energy like this before..."

Space is limited to 40 participants.

A note from Matthew:

"The Breath Empowerment is one of the most intensely powerful energy healing practices I have ever found.
As in my sound healing journeys, this sacred practice routinely produces a profound experience for anyone willing to sincerely try it.
It is one of the few physical exercises you can do that increases your body's alkalinity; this is extremely healing as massive amounts of energy enter your body and create an engine-like vibration."

The Breath Empowerment is done lying down on a yoga mat and no prior experience is necessary.
Matthew will be right there to guide you through the process and prepare you for the next phase of the adventure - a transformational healing sound journey.
Matthew organically creates lush waves of vocal harmonics, overtones and throat singing that washes over you again and again, leaving you with an open hearted sense of belonging, well being and peace.
His music has been described as medicine for the Earth and the heart of humanity... The effects are often compared to sacred plant medicines.
Together these two practices create an "off the charts" experience!
Space is limited to 40 participants and prepaid registration is required to attend.
*** PLEASE NOTE: Due the the deep healing nature of this practice, no late admissions will be allowed once we begin the Breath Empowerment.
Doors open at 6:30pm, please arrive early to settle in. Yoga mats provided, feel free to bring extra cushions and blankets.
Prepare for transformation.

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