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Unapologetically You

Keli Carpenter

Jul 26      6 pm to 9 pm

Friday, July 26
$45 +tax
Unapologetically You

What lies at the root of almost all dissatisfaction, struggle and pain?

Self-judgment, guilt, shame and blame!

Come explore this powerful immersion of transforming self-doubt, unworthiness and uncertainty so that you can awaken to your inner strength, confidence, joy and grace. It's time to draw a line in the sand and refuse to accept anything less than healing the root of our unhappiness and self-criticism.

No-one is going to hand you a, "YOU"RE GOOD ENOUGH CARD." Isn't it time to: forgive your shame, forgive your self-doubt, forgive your unworthiness, forgive your guilt because it is the only path to truly loving and being loved!

What would it be like to know you are enough and receive the love and self-acceptance you have been seeking?

Our shadows and shames make up who we are - the shame or unworthiness isn't the gift but the gift is found in the shame or unworthiness if we are ready to unfold our story.

Join Keli in this powerful, radical journey of forgiving your story, finding your truth and falling in love with SELF.

When you gain the appreciation for, and see the perfection in, your imperfections you BECOME UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU.

What you need to know/bring:
• Bring your deep desire and willingness to release your story.
• Please know this is an immersive workshop so be ready for transformation.
• We will be closing with a conscious, connected, breathwork session.
• Bring a journal as we will be doing some writing.
• Bring layers or extra blanket for the breathwork and a water bottle.

What others are saying about Keli:

"What I have done with her has opened my life up to move past illness into health."

"Keli lives what she teaches and it is so obvious in her ability to trust the process, even when you may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel"

"It is hard to describe Keli's capacity to facilitate understanding and healing. Her spirit is light and playful; however, she can help lead you to the darkest places and hold the space for you as you bring light to them."

"Keli is a gifted teacher able to hold the space for people to do deep, emotional, healing work in a way that is truly supportive and shows genuine caring that facilitates authentic forgiveness and elicits a sense of freedom."


Mel Acro Mel

Jul 27      3 pm to 5 pm

Inversions with Mel
Saturday, July 27
3 - 5pm
$45 +tax
Love inversions! We do too!
This workshop focuses on the inversion and hand balancing practice of yoga including crow pose (bakasana), forearm stand (pincha mayurasana), headstand (sirsana), and handstand (adho mukha vrksasana), and more! Learn not only the yoga techniques for inversions, but gymnastics and circus techniques that can support balance, stability, and strength to achieve inverted and advanced inverted postures.

_Beginner_: focusing on the basics of inversions, primarily crow pose, headstand, and forearm stand, as well as exercises and entries that can support postural development.

_Intermediate_: for students who have a grasp on basic balances such as crow and headstand, learn more advanced balancing postures as well as variations of these postures, such as arm and leg variations for headstands, and core engaging exercises that support handstand development. Intermediate students will also start to work on handstands and handstand exercises that allow students to practice
on their own safely.

_Advanced_: working on advanced postures such as handstand and shoulder-pressing pose, as well as leg variations such as lotus, and transitions in and out of advanced inversions.

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