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Hot Stones Teacher Training

Hot Stones Teacher Training

Saturday, November 23, 10am to 5pm (1 hour lunch)


Learn how to teach Restorative Yoga with Hot Stones!

Including Hot Stones the practice of Restorative Yoga supports and enhances the quality and the depth of relaxation. For many, hot stones are the missing piece that opens the doors to full body and mind release and rest.

For the first time, Myriam will cover all aspects of teaching with hot stones in public classes. In this very intimate 6-hour day (limited to 6 participants), all participants will learn the ins and outs of manipulating stones and guiding this luxurious practice.


Expect lots of hands-on time and one-on-one attention.

Hot Stones not only enhance the practice, they are also an excellent way for yoga teachers to gain traction for their classes and earn extra income. This is an investment that will pay for itself right away.

"Teaching Restore with Hot Stones is so gratifying for me because I can literally see my students relax into their parasympathetic nervous systems. Also! This workshop sells-out plus waitlists almost every time I put it on!

Myriam is an amazing teacher and taught me everything that I know about restorative yoga."

Dawn Petrin

This add-on training is for certified yoga teachers only, and is open only to participants of the 16-hour Restorative Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training with Myriam Webb held on November 15-17. There are only 6 spots, register early.


About Myriam Webb, MA, E-RYT

Myriam shares Restorative Yoga and meditation since 2011. Her personal encounter with adrenal burnout and health complications has allowed her to experiment with practices for recovery, deep rest and inner knowing. Myriam draws inspiration from contemporary mindfulness techniques, ancient yogic tantras, and her own personal experimentation as a practitioner and a teacher.

Hot Stones Teacher Training

with Myriam Webb

Nov 23      10 am to 5 pm

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