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Today at Tandava

Thursday, August 22nd

12 pm
Vinyasa Flow and Restore
with Tamara Rae Logan, 1 hr
3:45 pm
with Tamara Rae Logan, 1 hr 15 min
5:30 pm
Sattva Vinyasa Flow
with Tamara Rae Logan, 1 hr 15 min
5:30 pm
Yoga For Your Back
with Darlene O'Neill, 1 hr 15 min
7 pm
Gentle Spirit
Shri Ananda
7:15 pm
with Amelia Mudge, 1 hr 15 min

Earlier Today:

9 am
Sattva Vinyasa Flow
with Julie Mulligan, 1 hr 15 min
9:15 am
Gentle Hatha
with Shalanne Wilkison, 1 hr 30 min

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Workshops and Events

Change your story, change your life.
Keli Carpenter

<3In this workshop you will learn a simple, yet profound, tool to extract deeper understanding and truth within any life obstacle you face or have faced. We don't need years of counseling in order to let our past go - we just need to take some time in the now, master the right tools and be willing to inquire into truth. The events we face are intended to ...

Consciousness and Ca$h - The Money Talk
Lori Mairs

Consciousness and Ca$h the Money Talkwith Lori MairsMonday Aug, 267 - 9pm$50 +taxOh money! You started as a small coin purse with shiny pennies and dimes, enough to buy an ice cream and a movie. Now? Now you're on line banking and automated tax returns – where did it all go sideways?We're going to play with money concepts the kind that keep us stuck an...

Tiffany Anderson & Marissa Young

Saturday, August 317 - 9pm $50+gst Nuture with Tiff + Marissa It’s time again! Join Tiffany Gagnon + Marissa Young in their returning workshop Nurture. This experience is one of self inquiry + loving up through guided journaling, meditation, restorative yin yoga, + the energetic healing of reiki. Hands on + hearts open, this is an e...

Tantra Spirit Nights - Loves' Embrace
Stephanie Lafazanos

Saturday, September 77 -9pm$35 +tax Tantra Spirit Night:Love's Embrace In Love's Embrace you are invited to experience this Divine energy within yourself and see it in your partner. (You do not need to come with a partner!) Take off your mask and reveal the truth of who you are as you look past the personality and into the soul. The evening will be...

Awakening Primordial Energy with Quigong + Acupuncture
Falko Kriel

Awakening Primordial Energy with Qigong and AcupunctureSunday, September 86 - 8pm$45 +taxIn this 2 hour workshop we will explore the Conception and Governing meridians through education, meditation, qi gong, and for those interested gentle acupuncture. These meridians are our reservoirs of primordial energy that we draw on to keep us nourished and energized. ...

Awakening Kundalini Shakti with Sattva Yoga
Andrew Misle

September 10630 - 830 pm$30 +taxSattva YogaAwakening Kundalini Shaktiwith Hatha and Raja practicesSince its Tantric origins, Hatha and Raja yoga have beeen in complete reverence with the Kundalini Shakti and the states of consciousness she reveals. Hatha and Raja practices establish an inner consecration using geometric body shapes, breathing rituals and men...


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