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Today at Tandava

Sunday, February 17th

7 pm
with Lucy Phillips, 1 hr 30 min

Earlier Today:

8:15 am
Women's Kundalini Yoga
with Kirsten Vinge, 1 hr 15 min
10 am
Gentle Hatha
with Shalanne Wilkison, 1 hr 15 min
11:45 am
with Megan McMichael, 1 hr 15 min
1:30 pm
Mandala Mamas: Prenatal Yoga
with Megan McMichael, 1 hr 30 min
5 pm
Sattva Vinyasa Flow
with Julie Mulligan, 1 hr 30 min

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Workshops and Events

Virgo Full Moon Gathering
Amelia & Emma Mudge & Munro

Join Emma Munro and Amelia Mudge in a mystical late night ceremony dedicated to La Luna in Virgo. When the moon is full it is a great time to balance energy within ourselves. We let go of the past in order to make space for the new, truly a beautiful and bountiful time to release and restore. The evening will consist of discussion, chanting, story-telling, j...

Yin Yoga & Acupuncture
Tamara Rae & Chris Russel

Enjoy deep rejuvenation, relaxation and self-care with an afternoon of restorative yin yoga followed by a calming & harmonizing community acupuncture treatment in Savasana. After a yin yoga session, our minds & bodies are calm & ready to facilitate deeper healing with the complimentary therapy of acupuncture. Sharing space for communal healing tru...

Crystals+Chakras: A Members' Workshop
Julia Erb

Discover the healing power of Crystals and Chakras in this Members' Workshop with Julia! In this fun and unique workshop, you will learn about the 7 Chakras (energy centers in the body), and how you can use yoga and crystals to work with them.  Julia will guide you through a series of postures designed to help clear and activate each chakra, bringin...

The Breath Empowerment & Sound Healing Journey with Matthew Kocel
Matthew Kocel

"Over 22 Years experience in Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing & Internal Martial Arts and I've never felt energy like this before. . . "Space is limited to 40 participants. A note from Matthew:"The Breath Empowerment is one of the most intensely powerful energy healing practices I have ever found. As in my sound healing journeys, this sacred practice routinel...


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