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Today at Tandava

Thursday, December 12th

12 pm
Vinyasa Flow and Restore
with Tamara Rae Logan, 1 hr
3:45 pm
with Tamara Rae Logan, 1 hr 15 min
5:30 pm
Yoga For Your Back
with Darlene O'Neill, 1 hr 15 min
5:30 pm
Vinyasa Flow
with Juliana Lavell, 1 hr 15 min
7:15 pm
with Juliana Lavell, 1 hr 15 min
7:15 pm
Gentle Spirit
with Shri Ananda, 1 hr 15 min

Earlier Today:

9 am
Vinyasa Flow
with Julie Mulligan, 1 hr 15 min
9:15 am
Gentle Hatha
with Shalanne Wilkison, 1 hr 30 min

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Workshops and Events

Restorative Yoga, Hot Stones and Gong Bath
Dawn Petrin+Myriam Webb Tamara Logan + Brittany MacNeil

Restorative Hot Stones + Gong BathSaturday, December 14230 - 5pm$60 +taxRelease deep-seated tension, clear your mind and encourage your nervous system back into balance. Join Myriam Webb, Dawn Petrin, with Tamara Logan + Brittany MacNeil for a 2. 5-hour restorative yoga class with the added luxury and grounding of hot stones and the magic of the gong. This clas...

Tantra Spirit Nights - Touch
Stephanie Lafazanos

Sunday December 15530 - 730pm$35 +taxSpace is limited and pre-registration is required. **see note below**Humans cannot survive without touch. As an important language of intimacy and connection we will explore the conscious side of touching. We will begin by identifying the meaning we give to touch. We will provide experiential practices for; consent and bou...

Kelly Day Drew Hertz

Wednesday, December 18th7:30-9pm. $40 + tax or$35 +tax for members(Contact the studio)Space is limited to 15 particpants. Pre-registration is appreciated. Feelosophy - a small, intimate, restorative yoga class with safe, supportive hands-on touch to help you become more connected to your body and to create a space for communities to gather and talk about touch...

Solstice Drum Journey
Julianna Lavell Naomi Danialle

Solstice Drum Journey Saturday December 21st7:00pm- 9:30pm Space is limited. Pre registration is appreciated.  You will be guided through a powerful and traditional journey via the rhythm and medicine of the drum. In this meditative experience you will enter a state of mindful rest with the intention to connect with your spirit animal, guide or ...

FREE Christmas Day Gentle Spirit
Shri Ananda

Wednesday Dec. 252 - 330pmFREE Community Class Kindly Pre-Register  Holiday Themed Gentle Flow Yoga ClassDuring the holiday season we give to others - our time, presence, presents, and energy. That is why we are offering a FREE class that is about giving to you and your practice. On December 25th come and drink in a delicious gentle flow yoga ...

Prosperity - An Urban Retreat
Dawn Petrin

#1 Prosperity with Dawn Petrin Monday December 30 $55 + taxSure, you can call in your heart's desire - but what do you do when you get it?Join Dawn for an exploration of what prosperity actually means, how to call it in and how to handle the abundance when the universe showers you with the gifts you deserve. Expect movement, meditation, guided jour...

Pleasure - An Urban Retreat
Tamara Rae Logan

 Tuesday December 31 230- 5pm$55 +taxIsn't it time you let yourself experience more pleasure?Join Tamara for an exploration of what pleasure means to you and what it can do FOR you. Your pleasure is all yours. Expect movement, meditation, discussion and a deeper understanding of what your pleasure has to offer. Tamara is Pleasure + Sexuality Coach, ...

Purpose - An Urban Retreat
Myriam Webb

#3 Purpose with Myriam Webb Wednesday, January 12 - 530pmAligning your 2020 intentions with your deeper purpose, your dharma, is the key to long-term contentment. Join Myriam for a restful exploration into YOUR bigger story and how it informs and powers your intentions for prosperity, pleasure, and freedom in the year to come. Expect movement and restora...


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