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Kirtan with Sadhu Prem and Friends

Sadhu Prem

Feb 24      7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Kirtan is a space where we gather to sing, chant mantras, prayers, medicine songs and sounds. Kirtan has the ability to quite the mind and sooth the soul when listened and/or sung too. The chants and prayers are often times sang in devotional languages like Sanskrit and Gurmuhki.

The performers and the audience create the sacred experience together. The wallah (leader) sings the mantra and the audience sings back. Each chant and mantra creates a potent energy that contains the power of the Naad.

The Naad is the essence of all sound, the vibration that is connected with the Great Spirit, the One Vibration. Music is a Universal language that surpasses all barriers and has the power to connect us to the love within the most sacred part of our hearts. This vibration has the ability heal, inspire, connect, elevate consciousness, ignite energy, balance chakras, remove obstacles and strengthen connection to the Divinity within. As you sit in these vibrations and flow with the melody and rhythm of the mantras, the music and the Naad does the work for you. While in this vibration you can become completely immersed in the sound with no words to distract the mind, all voices merge together and become “One Voice”. When the musics stops the mind is quiet and we sit in the stillness, observing, feeling, letting the energy flow like a river. All are welcome to Kirtan. It is the Universal language of the the Spirit, the song of the soul.

Sadhu Prem is a yogi musician who travels the world singing medicine mantras, prayers and kirtan.

Peace and love to all.


This event is offered on a Pay What You Will Basis

What's Reiki All About Anyway?

Marissa Young

Mar 2      7:15 pm to 8:30 pm

Curious about energy work? Wondering what to expect during a Reiki session? Join Marissa Young of Wildflower Healing Arts as she holds space for a discussion on the Japanese healing modality, Reiki. The discussion will encompass a brief history of Reiki and it's lineage, what to expect during and after a session, as well as an interactive Reiki group meditation. See for yourself what this beautiful experience is all about and how it can help facilitate balance in your own life.


Tiffany Anderson & Marissa Young

Mar 4      1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Join Tiffany Anderson and Marissa young for an afternoon of guided meditation and yin yoga harmonized by the healing art of Reiki. Navigated by the chakras, this calming yet energetically provocative class is designed to tune you in to your own sacred self and sit sweetly in favour of nurturing.
A time to recalibrate within the winter dream state, to attune to the shifting quiet and attend to the body's continual restoration.

Yamuna Ball Rolling Full Body Workout

Eleanor Kotelmach

Mar 11      10:30 am to 12 pm

To secure your spot please contact Eleanor at 250.317.1327.

This workshop will focus on the basic routines of upper, lower, posterior and anterior of the body. This class is ideal for beginners that have never experienced Yamuna Body Rolling and for those who have had some experience on the balls but need a refresher.

Some of the many benefits are:
Improved range of motion, Releases restricted muscles, Increases flexibility, Lengthens muscles, Improves postures, Self massage

Preregistration and full prepayment are required to secure your spot. Workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable.

$25 (plus tax)

To secure your spot please contact Eleanor at 250.317.1327.

Please visit for payment options.

Yamuna Ball Rolling - Upper Body Focused Workshop

Eleanor Kotelmach

May 6      10:30 am to 12 pm

To register for this workshop, please call Eleanor at 250-317-1327.
As areas of the body break down due to wear and tear, injury and repetitive use, this workshop will assist in the creation of space and balance in the front, side and back of the upper body resulting in new healthy movement patterns.
$25 (plus tax)

It is required to call or email to secure your spot before prepaying. Workshops are non-refundable

To secure your spot please contact Eleanor at 250.317.1327 or email

To prepay please visit

Registration for this event is not through Tandava, but through Eleanor. Thank you.

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