Annette Michl


Education & Training:

  • Qualified Medical Radiation Technologist (certified in Germany)
  • Certified Foot Reflexologist - Canadian Reflexology School 2015


  • Offering sessions to clients since 2015

Feedback about Annette:

"Annette is both professional and personal. I had been having problems with my shoulder for well over a year to the point I could not sleep through the pain and she fixed it !!! Who knew that a great foot massage could heal my shoulder? Highly recommend Annette to anyone looking for an alternate solution to pain medication."

- Angela Strauch

"This was the best treatments I have ever experienced. It eased my plantar fasciatuas but more importantly my headaches and pms issues were reduced drastically. Annette has incredible touch. I would highly recommend her."

- Suzanne Schreider-Callaghan

"Annette is highly educated and experienced in the field of reflexology. Her firm yet gentle touch helped my body relax to the point where it started to heal itself and get back into balance. Reflexology is a powerful healing technique and Annette is a very skilled practitioner."

- Deb Mac Leod Schellenberg

"I had issues with my thymus and thyroid and this definitely reflected in my feet. Plus adrenal fatigue. Annette soothed away the stress and helped calm those glands down. It is amazing how ones whole body is reflected in ones feet. I really recommend reflexology especially Annette as she is very skilled in helping one overcome ones challenges."

- Jackie Martin-Smith

"I had never experienced Reflexology before I had an appointment with Annette. I am amazed at how powerful this technique is. Annette was very professional and has a beautiful touch. I felt very relaxed during and after. I was fascinated by the correlation from my foot to my overall health. I would highly recommend Reflexology with Annette to anyone seeking an alternative modality that supports and encourages overall health and wellness."

- Zoë Betzelt

Annette's Services:

  • 60 min Reflexology
  • 75 min Reflexology 1st Session
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